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 Lofer is a very popular summer holiday location for the Dutch, Germans, Italians and Austrians. However Austria is not a popular UK holiday location. This means that at present most of the UK flight operators offer incredibly cheap flights during the summer. Once you realise what is on offer in Lofer during the summer we think you may be tempted to give Spain a miss next year!

Hydro speed
So you have experienced belly boarding in Cornwall and the Med - been there and done that! Well think again. It sounds so simple - go to the village specialist, grab a board, lie half on the board half in the water and swim downstream. Except the river is a torrent and stops for no-one. See for details.

The village tennis courts are within a 5 minutes walk of the house.

If you haven’t had enough of the water with hyrospeeding why not walk for 3 minutes from the house to the aptly named beautifully landscaped heated outdoor pool the "Stone Mountain bath" It is a magnet for all visitors to the village and has been designed to keep both children and adults entertained. There is also a plentiful supply of natural bathing in the surrounding lakes and rivers. The nature bath reserve of Vorderkaser offers a blissful day trip where you can enjoy the natural bathing and playground areas for the kids and use use the many grill areas to cook up an al fresco delight for lunch.

White Water Rafting
Lofer is blessed with the roaring Saalech gushing through it. As a result Lofer is a magnet for river enthusiasts. It is a regular venue for the world cup canoeing competitons. It offers entertainment to all levels of fun lovers from gentle paddlers to mad cap adventurers. Rafting courses are available for beginners and experts from the village experts at Motion.

Mini Golf
There is a mini golf course in the village next door to Café Dankyl.

18 hole or 9 hole "travelling golf" course
For the true golfer nearby Saalfeldon offers the true golfing experience. Lofer and St Martin however offers an unusual alternative. The course is split into two 9 hole courses, each course covers approximately 8 kms. Each section will take around three hours to complete. Each hole is crafted to be as awkward as possible and found at various intervals along well marked footpaths. The rules are simple; each stroke is a point and if after 6 strokes you fail to pot your ball you score 7 points. The lowest score wins.

The entire valley is connected with cycle tracks, whilst the village telecabin offers a painless access to the mountain trails. For the hardcore cyclists there is an established 480 kms long mountain bike network. See and for organised routes and information.

If you love getting wet, and are as a fit as a fiddle, the team at Motion will show you how to combine the force of a wild mountain stream with a natural sporting activity. We hear it is an unforgettable experience! See for more information.

Geology Park
Just outside St Martin you can travel back to the ice age at Strohwolln Geology Park. The Park is divided into three sections and over the 1 km walk you will witness the violence of the glaciers in carving the landscape, fossilised Kuhtritte and the remnants of the beach atmosphere 250 million years ago.

The team at Motion offer an extensive range of Archery courses from 12yrs upwards. After teaching the basic skills you can graduate to the hunting courses where you can demonstrate your new found skills collecting discs. For more experienced archers there are several spectacular courses for long distance and 3D targeting.

The Alpine pastures of Lofer are reputed to be the most beautiful in Salzbugerland. They offer waterfalls, cool clear brooks and spectacular scenery. The top pastures can be accessed both by telecabin or road. The mountain restaurants are always a welcome venue to take a breather and soak up the breathtaking scenery.

From the beginner wanting to try out this fun past time to the hardened professional - Lofer ’s world class surf offers a challenge for all levels. The village experts at Motion will be able to tailor a programme for you. See (Babelfish Translation) and for images.

Experience climbing, sliding and balancing on jagged rocks and rope bridges with an expert guide. All this is available from the village experts at Motion. See

The spectacular scenery surrounding Lofer is the only incentive you need to ascend the mountains either by walking, hiking or climbing. The expert guides at Motion will tailor a programme for any level of ability. The main focus is on safety - so enjoy! See
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